"Monolith delivers the most surprising shooter in years"

CGO, wat nu onder de url Cdmag verder gaat deed deze gewaagde uitspraak. Tel daarbij ook nog eens de 5 out of 5 sterren die het spel kreeg en hebben we hier dan inderdaad met een topper te maken?

After several years of lackluster game releases, Monolith has finally delivered a truly top-notch title. No One Lives Forever combines a fantastic sense of style with great animation and voice acting, clever AI,

industry-leading interactive music, a wry sense of humor, and gameplay that keeps you coming back for more. It's the absolute antithesis of every hackneyed blast-a-thon through yet another dungeon, space station,

sewer, or subway station full of button pushing and lever flipping. Don't let Monolith's past games scare you away from this one—in the two years since Half-Life raised the bar for everyone, no other shooter has come as close to living up to our raised expectations for the genre.

Upside: Tons of style, varied environments, fun blend of stealth

and action

Downside: Slight engine quirks, mediocre multiplayer

NOLF Forever?