Miyamoto heeft in een interviewtje gezegd niet bang te zijn voor Microsoft en/of Sony, ook al lopen zij (lijkt) ver voor in de hardware race (Dolphin heeft tot nu toe geen specs):GC: With the current introduction of new competitors and such powerful hardware, do you feel that the battle among companies will now be in software? S. M.: I think so. Our competitors, Sony and Microsoft, have the strongest [hardware] muscle ever. But Nintendo is not fighting against them with the volume or muscle we have; we are fighting against them with unique new ideas. And to do so Nintendo has to change people's ways of playing video games. For example, we believe, for family entertainment, if the whole family can sit together and play the same game, that is an ideal situation. But generally, people in this industry may find that's not the case, and some specific person may become very addicted and become too much into a game and turn into an addict. The result is obvious. The market becomes smaller and smaller, and even though there are a number of great new technologies and great new products coming into the market, sales have shrunk somewhat. So we've got to change the situation with Nintendo introducing something quite unique. Although Dolphin is going to be the most powerful machine on the market, we've got to be dependent on the uniqueness of the gameplay.[break]en natuurlijk iets over online gaming:[/break]I think online video gaming is just one of these different alternatives and I think it's kind of an interesting alternative that Nintendo may be interested in. On the other hand, if you ask me, "Can Nintendo do the job of business on the Internet with an online society and can Nintendo further expand a purely Japanese online service into the world?" my answer would be, "I don't know yet." And [if you asked], "Can Nintendo take care of the responsibility which it has to shoulder once it becomes an online game company?" again, I don't know. All in all, I just cannot tell if it's interesting enough to go ahead with the online gaming now. But at least by the end of this year we are going to start some new services which will involve the Game Boy with cell phones. Al in al lijkt Nintendo zich dus nergens zorgen over te hoeven maken, maar totdat de Dolphin, de PS2 en de Xbox uit zijn zullen we het niet weten.