Er is een nieuwe Velocity Mod gereleased:Since EACH game supports different entity and effects combos, we're decided to develop the Velocity Mod for BOTH versions, Quake2 and Quake3, SIMULTANEOUSLY Download the QVM's, place in a directory called velocity in the Quake3 Directory, and add "+set fs_game velocity" to the shortcut which launches Quake3. The current version has some sped up weapons, with changes to damage, and blast radius, and removing most of the extraneous particle effects which increase lag. More coming SOON. Yeah, finally got the trigger for "Velocity Mode" set. It's a modified version of the HASTE powerup, but the player glows with the an effect dependent on CTF/FFA/DM status . Quad, Haste, and Regen are replaced by this effect. Thanks go out to BIZKIT_DADDY for his feedback on testing the weapon timing stuff.Download de Mod hier