X3DFX, het bedrijfje wat is ontstaan uit een paar die-hard 3dfx medewerkers, heeft zojuist nieuwe Voodoo3 en Voodoo5 drivers uitgebracht.We have placed four sets of drivers on the Web that are accessible through the Drivers link on our home page. These are Voodoo3/4/5 beta drivers for the Win9x and Win2K operating systems and are provided "as is" with no support. The drivers do not contain 3dfx Tools and are only for upgrading systems. Please read the Readme supplied for more information on how to

install these betas, but remember not to uninstall your present drivers.

Maar, er is ook minder goed nieuws:

It is highly unlikely that we will be able to provide any more driver releases. As a company, x-3dfx must move on. We cannot envisage a suitable business model that will sustain our company just doing updated drivers. The simple facts are that not enough people would be prepared to pay for support.

Het ziet er dus naar uit dat dit de allerlaatste drivers zullen zijn voor je 3dfx kaart...