Goed nieuws vandaag voor de Unreal Tournament fans, er zijn nieuwe versies uitgekomen voor UT Infiltration en Unreal4ever.

Hiermee is Infiltration tot versie 2.75 verheven en Unreal4Ever tot V3. De update-info van beide mods:Infiltration 2.75 - Now you can play online!

- New PSG and Robar scope reticules.

- Updated ballistics system.

- Integrated camouflage skins. Seven to choose from for each team.

- Updated M2HB .50 turret weapon.

-=] Unreal4Ever Tournament Version 3 [=- Thanks to the help of our many cool Beta-testers, both on and off-line, Holger has managed to eliminate just about every bug that has ever bugged U4E. This release has 27 weapons, a working and very easy to use Mod menu, and is in a Umod format that will automatically set it up to work on-line. Merlin Cul Kirkpatrick, of Dangerous-minds.net, has been running an early version of U4E on his server for several days now without a single crash, so I hope to see some new U4ET servers up pretty soon! (E-mail me and I'll pimp all new version 3 servers I hear about!)Download Infiltration, de mappacks en lees de installatie-info als je 1 van de beste mods voor UT wilt spelen. Unreal4Ever Tournament Version 3 is echter ook een zeer leuke mod, meer info over deze mod is op de homepage te vinden.