Cavedog heeft officieel laten weten dat er binnenkort een nieuwe addon voor TA: Kingdoms genaamd The Iron Plague uitkomt. Het pakketje bevat 25 single player missies en 25 multiplayer mapjes. Je kan hem ergens bij Cavedog neerhalen! In The Iron Plague, players discover something amiss in the land of Darien. Picking up where Total Annihilation: Kingdoms left off, The Iron Plague pits the monarchs of Darien against a new enemy. The dust has barely settled from the Great War in which Aramon and Veruna were victorious over Taros and Zhon. The recovery and rebuilding of ravaged lands are still in progress as people desire a return to normalcy. Bounty hunters in search of rebels stumble across a strange object in a remote, frozen region. It seems to be the body of a bird except it's obviously man-made. Instead of feathers and bone, it's made from canvas and wood. Strange wires, pulleys, and hinges protrude from the interesting machine. Brought back and examined, scholars conclude that surely this object never could have flown. But there are too many questions left unanswered. How did it get there? Was there an operator? Who built it? What exactly were its capabilities?