Om precies te zijn een 3D real-time action/strategy wargame. GA-source heeft wat exclusieve info over deze game:I've always had a love for “abstract” wargames like chess and go, and Forts grows out of this interest—at it's heart, it's an abstract 3D real-time wargame about territory possession. In all honesty, there's never been a game like it—it's a new recipe that may use some familiar ingredients but the taste is all-new. Forts also explores a deep design interest of mine—the sense of “fractional control.” In a game like Quake, your control is precise and absolute. You tap your mouse to the left and you turn to the left ever so slightly. Just watch a skilled player, and you'll see an amazing sense of control over the experience. On one hand, this pulls you into the immersion of the experience, but on the other hand, it isolates you from one of the things the human mind does best: contemplation. -Paul Schuytema, President of Magic Lantern Playware