Ga-Source heeft 16 nieuwe screenshots van World Sports Car gepost:Test your skills on the world's most exciting circuits, driving the worlds fastest cars, then take your vehicle off-track and race through the parking lot into the streets beyond. World Sports Cars allows you to interact with the cars, open the doors and the bonnet even take a close look at the exhaust or under the car, which is fully detailed on each vehicle. Boasting accurate physics, World Sports Cars recreates a realistic handling of the cars. The suspension is modelled completely, giving you full control over the suspension geometry, including bumpstops, spring rates, aarm lengths and positioning, rollbar, damping, ride height, etc. You also have full control over the transmission, gear ratios, torque and power curves. World Sports Cars attention to detail is outstanding. Dirt is included in the game, so as the game progresses the car will become more and more covered in dirt, oil, rubber, carbon dust, bugs, etc, which will affect the handling of your car. Your windscreen will get dirty, affecting the driver when using the cockpit view

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