Stainless Steel Studios heeft een aantal nieuwe screenshots van Empire Earth de wereld ingestuurd. De screenshots laten verschillende tijden, maps en gevechten zien.Key Features:

- Epic scope - spans over 500,000 years, from the discovery of fire to laser technology and beyond.

- 12 historical Epochs - replay all of human history or just the period that interests you.

- Train more than 200 different kinds of combat units.

- Battle on land, air, and sea with cavalry, cannon, battleships, submarines, helicopters, and even nuclear bombers.

- Fight wars of the future with robotic and anti-gravity units using energy weapons.

- Enlist great heroes - such as Napoleon or Patton - to help lead your Empire to supremacy.

- Customize your military units by improving their attributes, such as attack strength, armor, and hit points.

- Deplete opponents' populations by capturing and enslaving their citizens.

- Use Prophets to unleash terrible Calamities on your opponents, such as volcanoes, earthquakes, and plagues. Met zo'n lijst van features kan dit spel toch alleen maar een topper worden? Voor de andere 11 screenshots kan je hier terecht.