Zo mijn eerste posting

IdSoftware heeft 3 nieuwe Quake3 CTF maps gereleased. Ze lijken me wel leuk, maar aangezien Q3 om een of andere vage reden niet wil werken heb ik ze nog niet geprobeertid Software has released three new Capture the Flag maps to enhance your online experience in playing the Capture the Flag portion of Quake III Arena. The new map pack features three brand spanking new maps, including: q3wctf1 - Bloodlust This map is loosely based on the original map "Spill the Blood" by midiguy. The bases and central area are similiar to that original map, but the inbetween areas are quite different. It's a loose remake of the original. I've never heard of this "Bloody Waste" map until a few days ago and it looked like a basic clone of the original Spill the Blood map. This new maps is Spill the Blood in spirit, but it's definitely a Quake3 map. q3wctf2 - Courtyard Conundrum This is an original map that features a large courtyard with the flag in the far corner. The map consists of two levels, where the upper level in the bases are excellent for defensive control. The map is a basic figure eight style and offers plenty of good chases. q3wctf3 - Finnegan's Revenge This map is the most complex out of the three. The bases are a central room with connecting cooridors on upper and lower sections. The bases are three levels, where as the routes between bases are two levels. This map has a lot of different ways to escape with the flag, but good players can also figure out where the flag carrier is going and take another route to cut him off. This map really fosters good rocket jumping skills as well. Je kan ze hier downen.