Terminal Reality is na de release van haar horror game Nocturne begonnen aan het bouwen van een nieuwe engine die gebruikt gaat worden voor een tot nu nog onbekende game. Een vage Israelische site heeft 2 screenshots van de engine voor je in de aanbieding, surf hierheen om ze te bekijken. The main feature of our new engine is real-time lighting of full 3D geometry. It uses a shadow mapping technique very similar to the original Nocturne engine but also allows for moving cameras. Every polygon in the scene is lit with the same lighting and shadow algorithm. This means any character can move into a shadow and be darkened by it. Creatures can disappear into the night. Characters look like they are part of the scene -- not just hovering on top of it. If you see the shadow of a creature coming up from behind you can turn around and see it. All this makes for very realistic -- or more importantly -- surrealistic environments. Because of the moving camera we can do either first- or third-person games using this technology. We are currently looking at using the third-person perspective.Wie de site kan vertalen krijgt van mij een koekje