Naar eigen zeggen is Capcom bezig met een geheel nieuw genre voor een van hun toekomstige games. Wat het nieuwe genre precies zal inhouden is nog niet bekend....Capcom is inventing another gaming genre, so they're saying. Since the rest of the community ignores the fact that Alone in the Dark is the true originator of the Survival Horror genre, I may as well allow Capcom to claim the right with Resident Evil. Capcom spokesperson Yoshiki Okamoto, recently said, "We can't officially annouce anything yet, but we are currently developing a title of a completely new genre. Our company's renowned artist Akira Yasuda will be lending his hand as well." Akira is well known, in some circles, for his contributions to the Street Fighter and Breath of Fire games. Hopefully the new genre does not involve putting a joystick in a potato. Nou,

zolang je in hun "nieuwe genre" niet hoeft te koekhappen of spijkerpoepen, kan er volgens mij weinig misgaan.