Wie dacht dat Lionhead enkel bezig is met het vervolg op Black & White zal nog vreemd te kijk staan van de komende games die door de developer worden gemaakt. Deze games zijn dan misschien niet bij Lionhead zelf in productie, maar zijn in ontwikkeling bij de zogenaamde satellite's. Losse developers die onder de naam en supervisie van Lionhead werken.

Wat nu precies deze satellite's zijn en wat we er precies van mogen verwachten vroeg ComputerAndVideogames aan Peter Molyneux in een speciaal interview.WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR SATELLITE PROGRAM?

I know what it's like from my own experiences. When I set up Lionhead, I would say a huge portion of my time was devoted to running [the company] and a tiny portion of my time at the very start was devoted to what I'm supposedly OK at, which is programming and designing.

I knew a lot of talented people about four years ago and an awful lot of those I would have loved to have worked with. Some of them came to me and they said, "Look, we're thinking of starting up a company." I said, "Why don't we try something a little bit different...?"

So, the idea was to have Lionhead there to help really, really talented people set up their own businesses. Lionhead obviously takes an interest in those businesses, but we, as a group of companies, share technology and share ideas. For instance, people in the satellites can use Russell who did the sound on Black and White, they can use me for any game design stuff and Andy, who did the testing on Black and White. They can use a lot of our resources so they can focus on the important thing, which is to write a brilliant game. Voor de projecten van deze 3 satellite's surf je naar het interview van CVG.