Guillemot heeft nog maar net Hercules opgekocht, of er komt al direct een nieuwe Prophet kaart (GeForce).MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 4, 1999 - The first step after Guillemot's acquisition of Hercules is the announcement of Hercules' new 3D Prophet DDR-DVI graphics accelerator. The forthcoming 3D Prophet DDR-DVI is the most eagerly awaited 3D graphics accelerator on the market. It will feature the new GeForce 256(tm) DDR chipset and a DVI-OUT connection to enhance the quality of new technologies such as flat panel monitors, digital CRTs and LCD projectors. With 32MB of DDR RAM, the 3D Prophet DDR-DVI will provide the perfect gaming solution for top configuration PCs, creating a new platform for those who want absolute power and an unrivaled gaming experience.