GA-Source had weer wat nieuwe details en informatie over de third-person action/adventure game Hellboy: Dogs of the Night. Het moet op Resident Evil gaan lijken, alleen wel met een hele andere sfeer.Hellboy: Dogs of the Night is a real-time third-person action/adventure game in development by Dark Horse Interactive, that's based on Mike Mignola's comic series. While Hellboy will have elements of action, the game is actually more of a puzzle oriented action/adventure. "Our game is much more adventure and puzzle solving oriented than games like Tomb Raider or Heretic II," Lebourg reveals. "I think what sets our game apart from those two is the very convincing atmosphere and original storyline. We also spent a lot of time designing puzzles that are fully part of the story and are a nice departure from the ones you usually find in this type of game." Hellboy features a third-person perspective similar to that of Capcom's Resident Evil, but promises not to be just another RE clone. "Resident Evil is an obvious reference for the atmosphere, the pace of the game, and the interface... even though the idea was not to work on a RE clone," declares Lebourg. "I guess the format they adopted works great for the story and atmosphere and we didn't see any reasons why our game shouldn't have the same look and feel." Eind van dit jaar moet de game in de winkels liggen.