Er zijn nieuwe screenshots van de first person shooter 'Gore'. Ik hoop dat deze game zijn naam eer aan gaat doen (yeah I'm sick).Gore's artificial intelligence allows NPCs to play critical roles in gameplay using ART (acquired recalled tactics), 4D Rulers advanced AI and weapon component system. Non-player characters actually have character, behaving in a manner appropriate not only to their current environment, but also to their prior experiences. Abuse of NPCs and civilians will lower their morale and make them less likely to help you, perhaps even causing them to work against you. Enemies learn to recognize powerful weapons and pass that information along to their buddies (unless you kill them all!). You can interact with any character in the game: command them, chat with them, interrogate them, and more. They also interact with each other, warning of your approach, assisting, or hindering your progress in numerous ways. Of course, to keep things on the fun side, enemy characters prefer to interact with you via heavy weaponry. Scouting and ambush are supported, both for your team and for enemies. Gore's advanced adaptive pathfinding allows NPCs and monsters to interact with the environment to it's fullest: They climb ladders and obstacles, jump over crevices, use elevators, activate switches, and much more. Monsters actually learn unfamiliar environments in the same way you do: by exploring and watching others.