Er is weer een nieuwe unit getoond van Emperor: Battle for Dune. Deze keer is het de Harkonnen infantry, een unit die ook al te zien was in het filmpje van Emperor: Battle for Dune.Harkonnen infantry commissioned to serve in the Flame-thrower platoons are put through a series of grueling trials before seeing active duty. The details of these preparatory courses are sparse, but credible intelligence reports indicate that new recruits are subjected to a 3-day submersion in Giedi Prime's infamous Hell Vats to build physical and mental toughness. Those that survive the ordeal are both admired and feared by the standard infantry. When called into action, "Flamers" tend to inflict heavy casualites on lightly-armored and unarmored enemy infantry. Equipped with short-range, high-powered flame-throwers, their only weakness is lack of speed and mobility, which stems from the bulky insulated body armor and enormous fuel tanks strapped to their backs. Due to their tolerance of searing heat and hostile environments, Flame-thrower troops prove to be ideal for the harsh demands of battle on Arrakis.

Niet echt origineel, maar deze unit zorgt wel voor flink grafisch spektakel .