In Nederland kan je voorlopig nog niet internetten met je dreamcast, maar er is wel een nieuwe versie van de browser in aantocht. Planetweb announced the latest version of the Dreamcast Web browser today. Version 2.0 of the browser will incorporate new features that outpace its Japanese counterpart, and is scheduled to be released in May. Planetweb CEO Ken Soohoo told Gamecenter that version 2.0 would improve the functionality of the browser by allowing the downloading and playback of MP3 files, as well as by supporting Macromedia Flash 3.0, PNG (portable network graphics). Version 2.0 also features JavaScript updates, improving what java content can be viewed with the browser. In addition, Soohoo indicated that the browser would take advantage of Dreamcast peripherals by including force feedback (via Sega's Jump pack) and new support for Sega's Visual Memory Unit. This would allow users to upload game files to Web pages and download files from the Web, and let developers create code in Web sites to display text or graphics on the VMU's screen. Soohoo also made clear his company's support for the Dreamcast in the future by noting that when Sega decides to release a Zip drive, the rumored larger-capacity VMUs, or a broadband peripheral, the browser would support them. In addition to the Web browser, Planetweb provides closed in-game browsers, such as the one used in Sonic Adventure.