Dominion Wars wordt een Real Time Space tactical strategy game (*ff diep ademhalen*) gebaseerd op Star Trek. Vooral het tactische gedeelte komt sterk naar voren. Het draait minder om het macro-level maar meer om de individuele gevechten en dergelijke.Dominion Wars borrows its title and story line from the last few seasons of the Deep Space Nine television series, in which the Federation and its Klingon allies battled for control of the Alpha Quadrant against the Cardassians and the invading Dominion Alliance. "The Dominion War served as the underlying story arc for those two seasons, producing what many fans (ourselves included) consider to be some of the best episodes in the series," Gordon proudly declares. Because of the TV series dedicated following and popular story line, the plot in Dominion Wars is exremely important. "We want the player to be immersed and invested in the game, not just because it plays great or looks great (which it does on both counts), but also because it draws them in to a good, dramatic story," says Gordon. "The player should want to continue playing not only because it's fun and challenging, but also because they want to know what's going to happen next." The player assumes control of a fleet of up to six starships while traversing treacherous space evironments. "The game is set in the environs of DS9, including Federation, Klingon, and Cardassian space," Gordon says, adding, "and all the contents therein, such as planets, asteroid belts, wormholes, the Badlands and other spatial anomalies. All of these environmental characteristics have an impact on gameplay physics, providing obstacles - or potential tactical advantages for clever players, just as we've seen time and time again on Star Trek." Klik op de plaatjes voor grotere versies. Het staat gepland voor deze zomer.