Op de Adrenaline Vault zijn 4 nieuwe screenshots van Commanche 4 te vinden. Commanche 4 is nog bij Novalogic in ontwikkeling en is gebaseerd op Amerika's nieuwe verkennings helikopter, de RAH-66. Het spel staat gepland om gereleased te worden in het vierde kwartaal van 2001.The helicopter's capabilities in reconnaissance, ground assault and air combat will be emphasized in all-new missions. People will get to swoop into real-world locations, including urban settings, rural environments, tropical islands, deserts and jungles. The game will showcase spectacular graphics, including realistic rotor wash effects both on the water and the ground, and a detailed 3D interior. Comanche 4 will also feature multiple weapons of destruction, including the 20mm cannon, air-to-air AIM-9 Stingers and the laser-guided AGM-114 Hellfire missile. Pilots will also have to dodge fire from ground troops wielding hand-held Stingers. The developers are promising a fast-paced game using a simple aviation model, and online action supporting up to 32 participants. De screenshots van deze nieuwe helicopter-sim kan je opAvault bekijken.