Black & White is ook één van de meer gehypte titels. Gelukkig zijn ze bij Lionhead er hard mee bezig want een derde ! "satellite studio" is ingebruik genomen.

Nu maar hopen dat ze er niet meer nodig hebben en het spel op tijd af hebben........wanneer dat ook mag zijn Lionhead Studios has announced the formation of a third satellite studio. The studio has been created in order to fulfill what is expected to be “intense demand” for add-ons, editors, modifications and sequels to the upcoming god game. The new design house is also to produce xbox and PS2 iterations of the title. Despite still being two months from its PC release, Lionhead has been inundated with queries about the release of add-ons. To meet this demand as soon as possible, it has been decided to set up a third studio whose sole purpose will be to produce ports, extras and a sequel. The creation of the studio also means the Lionhead team will be free to concentrate on their next original

project. Gareth Lewis has been appointed team leader. Big Blue Box Studios and London-based Intrepid Games are the other two satellite studios. Geen Studio Sport, maar Studio B&W.