Weer wat nieuwe screenies van Buggin', een spelletje met een officiele license van VW. Misschien wordt het wat... Een nieuwe beetle in elkaar rijden misschien Four huge tires and a soft suspension turn a cute little Beetle into a big bad machine on the Monster track, where players must navigate an obstacle-filled course, smashing up cars and causing massive destruction-but remember to watch the clock, it's all being timed! Buggin' starts players off with the standard 1960's Beetle and, as they win races they earn points and other vehicles become available. Some of the vehicles that players will find in Buggin' include the pre-1968 VW Beetle, the pre-1970 VW Bus, the pre-1999 VW pickup, the 1969 VW "181" (Kubelwagen), and it is the only game to feature the 1999 New Beetle Cup model.