Edward Carnby, de hoofdrol speler van de Alone in the Dark serie, zal ook de hoofdrol op zich nemen in deel 4, maar hij zal nauwelijks te herkennen zijn. Verder stond AitD bekend om zijn schitterende graphics, het was de eerste game die polygonen gebruikte. Ook in deel 4 moeten de graphics weer om te kwijlen zijn. Voor meer info verwijs ik je door naar Gamespot. Ook zijn hier nieuwe filmpjes te vinden, download ze hier. De 21 screenshots tenslotte, zijn hier te vinden. Er zitten waarschijnlijk ook wat oudere screenshots tussen.Alone In The Dark's perpetual hero, Edward Carnby, returns, but fans of the original may have a hard time recognising him. He's gone through quite a makeover, leaving behind the pastel-coloured cravats of yesteryear for an altogether more sinister look. In place of his old Victorian threads are trench coats, shoulder-length hair and leather gloves. He looks remarkably like Richter Belmont from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - minus the whip, and is brought to life in breathtaking 3D. Don't take any of this the wrong way though. Edward Carnby is still one of the good guys - it's just that he now definitely falls into the category of "aggressive". The new Alone in the Dark game is set to throw down the graphical gauntlet with its jaw-dropping visuals (at least on more powerful hardware like the Dreamcast and PC). Unlike Resident Evil - in any of its incarnations - the new AITD features truly dynamic lighting effects, and Carnby throws real-time shadows everywhere he goes. Depending on where the light source is, Carnby will cast the appropriately rendered shadow. If a light, for example, is down at the other end of a long, low tunnel, his shadow will trail behind him, long and slim. If the light is directly overhead, his shadow will be short and stout, set directly below him.