Gamespot is niet de enigste die beelden te pakken heeft gekregen van AvP 2. Ook PC.IGn is erin geslaagd de Alien vs Predator vs Marine game op film vast te leggen en bied deze filmpjes nu in Quicktime formaat aan op hun site.What was shown as a pre-alpha work in progress demo with only two levels that would actually boot up. Both were Marine missions, with one being in an outdoor area that could have been the Alien homeworld, with the other being a dark corridor that looked as if it was part of the ship from Alien: Resurrection.

The outdoor environment featured smooth terrain, detailed texturing, and even some moving obstacles and enemies. The demo showed giant worm-like pods that would emit poisonous gas as well as Facehugger-like spiders that were patrolling around their hives.

The indoor level was a little less exciting due to a lack of enemies, but the lighting effects were very impressive. Instead of just being eye candy, the lights are actually used as gameplay elements -- Aliens will be able to break them in order to cloak their approach to their prey.

We also learned a little bit about the different levels in the game, which seem to follow the movies more than the original game did. One of the early Marine missions is said to place you in the colony from Aliens right before the outbreak begins -- and once it does, all hell will break loose. Indoors Level: Exploring the Corridors10020K Indoors Level: Lighting Demonstration8500K Planet Level: Poison Pods6978 K Planet Level: Spider Creatures