UT Strike Force bétaat verder. Er zijn nu nieuwe game types geimplementeerd. Kan je dadelijk gijzelaars redden en VIPs dumpen

Ze zeggen dat Strike Force DE realism Mod voor UT is. Als je dit leest begint het steeds meer op Counter-Strike te lijken.Gruff is a coding mad man! He is working on the final code for the escape and hostage rescue game types. In escape you have to get your VIP to a waiting plane, boat, car, etc before the terrorist take them out. You can check out the helicopter pilot below, she is our first VIP. Threaders did the pilot last week and we are using it along with other VIP's. Hostage rescue should be done shortly as well. Also MaxMod is working on a brand new HUD design for us. This new HUD is awesome, check out an example screen below. We still have a ton of testing, but now you know what is coming nex Nog even wachten en dan zijn ze klaar met coden.