Doe eens gek dachten ze bij de Gamespy. Eigenlijk denken ze dat daar vaker, maar zo krijg je wel de leukste artikelen. Dit keer over rassen die het niet haalden om geselecteerd te worden voor Warcraft III.Blizzard finally came up with five races in their upcoming sequel, Warcraft III, but not until concluding plenty of research and development. Many races looked good to start off with, but died a quick death after bugs or sobriety showed them to be unworkable.

GameSpy was able to get the exclusive on the races that were rejected for the game:

10. Pok-demons 9. The Shining 8. The sports fanatic 7. Noah's Orcs 6. The chaotic evilfellas

Relying primarily on technology, this rejected race ran around offering protection to other races in exchange for gold. They were also quite handy at assassinations and providing entertainment for the other heroes.

5. The Monty Pythons 4. The Tour de France 3. The Dotcoms 2. The Keebler drow 1. The Burning and Itching Legion

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Warcraft III, praatjes vullen geen gaatjes.