Het moet nog 2001 worden maar EA is er zoals gebruikelijk vroeg bij. Dit keer is het NHL 2001. Elk jaar wordt de game iets beter volgens zeggen. De reviewer van Pc.ign vindt het zelfs de beste hockey game op de PC, totdat natuurlijk 2002 uitkomt Bar none, NHL 2001 is the best computer hockey game of all-time. That's not exactly big news, since its immediate predecessor was the one to beat, and it would be silly of EA Sports to release an inferior sequel. But

by leaps and bounds, 2001 beats all other previous efforts, scoring a hat trick with hockey fans in the process.

Checking the ref proved to be impossible, but that's about the only flaw to the game. Well, that and my coach changes lines (when on auto mode) during the rush sometimes, which isn't too bright.

Finally, there's a solution for introverted folks who can't skate or don't get along well with others. Buy NHL 2001, and you can either play to your heart's content, never longing for actual ice hockey again, or you can hone your skills at home on your PC until you get so good, no local team would turn you down. Next stop, the real National Hockey League – that is, if

you can tear yourself away from NHL 2001.

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