De eindeloze stroom sportgames lijkt elk jaar weer opnieuw te komen en de vraag is natuurlijk steeds of er ook werkelijk iets veranderd is.

CDMag maakte in ieder geval een leuk verhaaltje over de features van NHL 2001.The NHL series from EA Sports has divided more gamers over the past decade than any other sports series. While many EA Sports games stir up heated debate amongst gamers, nothing can compare to the fierceness of the arguments that this hockey series has caused over the years. The cycle repeats itself every single year that EA ships the latest version: the serious hockey fans rip it to shreds while fans of fast paced arcade gameplay sing the game's praises. So let's cut to the chase: NHL 2001, based upon the preview build we have been playing, just might be the game that finally satisfies the gamepad thumping hockey junkie and the more cerebral hockey fan. Is it a faithful adaptation of the real NHL? No, it's still an arcade game and thus suffers from arcade limitations, but it's not an off the wall arcade game, either, which has been the case in seasons past. The reason why the preview build shows so much promise is that EA Sports took what it built in NHL 2000 and enhances it with gameplay options. The game's AI slide bar adjusters help in adding a level of customization that every sports game should possess. The list of gameplay tweaks is long and varied: Game Speed, Speed Burst Length, Speed Burst Percent, Fatigue, Defensive Aggressiveness, Injuries, Hitting Power, Fall Recovery, Shot Blocking, Pass Interceptions, Pass Accuracy, Pass Speed, Shot Accuracy, Puck Elasticity, Puck Friction, and Goalie Rebounds all can be manipulated. (Puck elasticity affects the way the puck bounces or inversely sticks to the ice. The lower the puck elasticity is set, the more the puck sticks to the ice like Velcro. Set it higher and the puck can bounce around like a tennis ball off the players stick and off the boards.)

En dan hebben we Fifa2001, NBA2001, Madden NFL 2001, F1 2001, ...

Dit kan dus een fitte winter gaan worden.