Gamelinks heeft een preview gemaakt van het 5e deel in de Need For Speed series, Porsche Unleashed, inderdaad er rijden allemaal Porsches in rond . Het is een behoorlijke uitgebreide preview met een hoop screenshots. The game will feature over 80 accurately modeled and simulated Porsche cars. You'll see cars such as the 1948 356 Roadster, all the various flavors of the 911's including the 993's and latest 996 models including Carrerra's, Cabriolets's, Boxsters, and even the 911 2000 Turbo. Let's not forget about the lesser known cars as well such as the 944's 924's 968's 914's, and yes even the 928 launched in the late 70's and dubbed as the replacement for the 911. As a special treat for all of you that can't set your hair on fire fast enough, EA is even including some of the LeMans type racers such as the GT1 Racer and the road ready GT3Voor meer "Porsche Info" Gamelinks