VoodooExtreme heeft wat info over het op de UT-engine gebaseerde New Legends. Het spel, gemaakt door de makers van oa Dark Forces en Jedi Knight, speelt zich af in donker China waar de speler het op moet nemen tegen Xao Gon, een warlord die heel china heeft overgenomen.De screenshots zien er veelbelovend uit.In the not too distant past Justin Chin treated me to a private hands-on demonstration of the Infinite-Machine's upcoming Unreal engined action game – New Legends. Justin Chin, as you already should know was formerly a designer at LucasArts, and headed up the teams who made Dark Forces and Jedi Knight. With him, are several other ex-LEC employees, all busily working on this top-secret title, which is on schedule for release early next year. New Legends boasts a rich story set in a dark, futuristic China, where hero 'Sun Soo" is locked in battle with the evil Warlord "Xao Gon", who's rogue army has taken control of China, and rebuilding it in his own sinister image. With the aid of several sidekicks, Sun Soo fights his way through Southeast Asia and eventually faces Xao Gon himself, in a battle to save the world. New Legends is a third-person perspective action game, with an innovative new camera control system. The combat is wicked, and literally dozens of special weapons are showcased in the game. The animation system New Legends boasts is hands-down the most amazing I've seen in any PC game, and the characters are simply breathtakingly detailed. The programmers at Infinite Machine have hacked up the Unreal Tournament engine to the point where it hardly looks like Unreal anymore and believe it or not – they don't even use UnrealED. They're built from scratch in 3DS Max and with their own special tools, imported to Unreal. The levels themselves are huge, running around 15+ megs each.

Dat ziet er veelbelovend uit. Er staan nog 2 screenshots op VoodooExtreme.