Een paar nieuwe screenies van Black & White. Zit er best lache uit.In Black & White, you play as a sorcerer drawn into a land of warring overlords, their titan beasts, and their obedient underlings. Your goal is to convert the simple villagers, persuading them to worship you. This will give you access to their life force and the resulting spells. As each tribe produces different sets of spells, and each spell possesses a different degree of morality (from good to evil), you have the ability to choose the moral direction of your game. If you tend toward the use of destructive, fear-invoking spells, your homelands and surroundings will alter according to that decision: your base citadel will become dark and foreboding; your green fields will become black and charred; and your villagers will worship you out of fear. If you choose spells based on good magic (protection and healing spells), your land will be greener, and your people will worship you with love.Voor de mensen die het niet zien het is een tijger of zoiets.