Veel Rpg fans zitten toch wel op deze game te wachten (naast Diablo 3 ) en het lijkt toch binnenkort waar te worden dat de fans deze game mogen gaan spelen. Totdat houdt de pers je nog even zoet met lekkernij zoals previews natuurlijk. Dit keer heeft Ga-Rpg een nieuwe preview geschreven over deze fantatische game die het rpg genre zal versterken.First of all, NWN will be the second CRPG featuring the Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset (SSI's Pool of Radiance II will be the first). What does this mean for the game?

The Second Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules were mainly based on exceptions. The ruleset included rules for pretty much any situation imaginable, but all these rules were different, and there was no logical coherent system backing it all up. For some stats (proficiency ratings, attributes) the higher the better on paper while it was better to roll a lower number. For others, (THAC0, AC) a lower stat was better on paper while it was better to roll a higher number. Third Edition (3E) amends this by introducing one simple rule: “Roll a 20-sided die. Add the appropriate bonus. Higher is better.”

What difference does this make for a CRPG? Not really that much. Who cares how the stats go? We have a computer to take care of all the dice-related stuff. However, the freedom 3E offers in character development makes it superior to second edition. The skill system has more of an impact on actual gameplay, and allows for more options in developing your character.

The system for dual-class and multi-class characters has also been changed drastically. With 3E, you can choose a class to advance every time you gain a level, and that means there are two kinds of levels. The first level is considered to be your overall level, and the second would be the level you have in separate classes. The system is a bit too complicated to explain in detail in this article, but suffice it to say that it really is better in our minds than the second edition system, and should give you a lot more freedom in developing your character..

Ga-Rpg is ook er benieuwd maar zegt toch dat Neverwinter Nights het van 1 ding moet hebben. En dat is de kracht van de gamers op deze game tot een topper te maken. De game zal geplanned zijn voor Q2 van volgend jaar, maar er kan nog zoveel veranderen in de goede manier of de slechte.

De preview van Ga-Rpg is hier te vinden.