GA-RPG heeft een interview met Trent Oster, producer van Neverwinter Nights. Hieronde volgt vast een stukje en de hele interview vind je hier.In your own words, can you tell our readers what exactly Neverwinter Nights is? Neverwinter Nights is the best story-driven multiplayer RPG out there. Additionally, the game will feature a single player mode, a DM client, and the user-friendly Solstice Toolset. Talking in a broad sense, Neverwinter Nights is the closest parallel to pen and paper D&D possible on the computer. From what I've read and seen of Neverwinter Nights, the game is being hyped up in the RPG community mainly as a multiplayer game. Having said this, can you give our readers some information about what will make Neverwinter Nights a great single player game as well? Perhaps more information about the storyline for the single player game, and what sets it apart from Baldur's Gate? The common misconception is that multiplayer games have no story. NWN is here to change that and in a big way. Our multiplayer story (the single player game plays through a rebalanced version of the same events) is a complex weaving of strife and betrayal along the northern Sword Coast in the Wizards of the Coast's 'Forgotten Realms' universe. While we don't want to leak any of the story, we can say that you will start off in the city of Neverwinter as young, would-be adventurers eager to make your mark on the world. The tale will be quite different from that found in the Baldur's Gate series but you have our word that it will keep you glued to the screen well into the night.