DailyRadar had een interview met Trent Oster de producer van NWN. Ze vragen vooral dingen van de Characters die er gevonden kunnen worden en natuurlijk wat hij nou doet. Er is gelijk ook een filmpje van 16 mb. Dit filmpje duurt 1 min en was ook te vinden op de BG2 cd. Het enige extra en deze versie is het geluid dat verandert is. Eigenlijk een hebbedingetje voor de echte fans. DR: Any limitation on classes versus races? Or will any race be able to be any class? And will there be support for Arcane Archers, for instance, or Shadow Dancers -- the Prestige Classes?

TO: There are no limitations on classes by race. We are implementing the rules as we see them in the Player's Handbook. For the initial release of NWN we decided against supporting prestige classes. We found that implementing new classes is quite expensive in terms of development time, and we chose to stick with the standard classes from the PHB.

DR: What about DM-created classes -- will the system be open-ended enough to support such changes?

TO: Sadly, no. Classes are one of the core elements of 3rd Edition D&D, and in order to support the rules properly the classes will have to be hard-coded in. We have engineered a system that allows us to add classes in the future without much difficulty, but the system is not flexible enough to support user-created classes.

DR: Will all feats and skill be incorporated into the game? If so, will they be controlled in-game?

TO: Again, no....

Het interview en het filmpje kan je hier bezichtigen.