NetRaceLive is een online only race game. Er wordt geraced met indy 500 wagens. Sim Racing News heeft een interview gehouden met een van de makers van het spel. Hier een quote:Kenneth: While reading the info you sent me, I noticed that we'll not only be able to race ourselves with the big guys, but we can also analyse real-life crashes and overtaking manoeuvres? So when I'm watching the race on television, I can check with AniVision Inc. to see what exactly happened and get stats on it? Brian: Initially Net Race Live will focus on competitive racing - you against the pros. Over time we believe that the networks will use many of its features in the telecast and within their interactive TV initiatives to allow the fans to see things like wrecks or spin-outs that the camera may have been late to catch or that may be obscured by smoke or a bad camera view. However for now, it's all about the chance to compete in the real event. Kenneth: How exactly does it work? I mean, how do you get the live race transferred to a virtual race on the Internet at the same time? Brian: We convert real-time telemetry data to gaming streams. Our site allows you to download a free player that can receive the racing streams and insert your car into the field. Our game server delivers racing streams for every car on the field. De officiele site van het spel is hier te vinden en het interview hier.