Neocron Central heeft een nieuw filmpje van Neocron. Ze hebben twee delen, en ze zijn in het totaal 19.87 MB groot (10.5 MB en 9.37 MB). Neocron Central has a brand-spanking new movie up this morning showing off the first moving footage of Neocron, a new 3D MMORPG from Reakktor Media. Since I'm sure that more than a few of you are out of the loop on this one (myself included) here this quick snip: Some people expect Neocron to be a sci-fi style RPG while others think it's just another first person shooter with enhanced multiplayer elements. Yet there are a couple of guys who think it`s not a game at all, but a thing that runs under the techy definition of 'e-community'. Well, while they are all wrong, they are all right... That surely sounds confusing, but at the end you will find out that there's no working definition for this project. Thus we consider it a new game-genre: the 'scenario' game. The name is derived from the fact, that more than a game, Neocron is a scenario of a virtual world. You can play it like a RPG or like a FPS, but you can also take it as a setting to live a virtual life. We name it, you make it.