Gert Franke submitte deze link richting IGN. Hier staat dat de Neo Geo Pocket in Amerika en Europa uit de winkels gehaald wordt, inclusief alle software. Game Boy heeft nu dus weer de monopolie (die ze eigenlijk nooit verloren hebben)...An SNK spokesperson informed us that the first official word will happen on Monday when the company will reveal to retailers its plans for recalling all in-stock hardware and software. On Tuesday, SNK will issue the official statement to the public. Better get your NeoGeo Pocket games this weekend – in a short four days you won't be able to find a trace of the system on shelves anywhere, and the only way to get games will be to import them. What's worse is, all games that were announced for release at E3 last month – Cotton, Dynamite Slugger, Cool Cool Jam, Evolution, Ogre Battle…even the MP3 player – will not be released outside of Japan. SNK will still continue to operate in Japan and produce games and systems for that market, but effective next week, the Game Boy Color will be the only handheld game in town. SNK will also be pulling out of the PlayStation and Dreamcast publishing market in the US as well -- it's not just the NeoGeo that's suffering the horrible fate.Gelukkig zijn ze nog niet failliet en blijft de Neo Geo pocket wel bestaan in Japan en gaan ze op andere fronten wel geld verdienen.