Need For Speed: Motorcity is nog niet uit, of er komen al geruchten vrij over een nieuwe NFS.When one scrutinizes Electronic Arts' tremendously popular Need for Speed racing series, it becomes evident that a new title is released each March that attempts to up the ante in the arcade racing genre. That is why we became rather excited when the name “Need for Speed: Porsche Evolution” as well as a March release date recently crossed our auspices. Could this be the next major title in the distinguished line after the upcoming Motor City? Electronic Arts has opted to remain idle on the subject for the moment, telling us that the name of the next title in the series has not been announced nor have any details been made public. Nevertheless, we have reserved a space in our garage for the title, about which details should emerge soon, as well as the upcoming online iteration of the popular franchise, Motor City. De titel is dus nog niet vastgesteld, maar als hij wel zo gaat heten, zitten er dan alle Porsches in die ooit gemaakt zijn??