Computer Games Online gaat in een aantal delen een kijkje nemen naar de nieuwe Need for Speed, genaamd Motor City. Onze eigen preview kan je hier lezen. Hier een stukkie van hun eerste deel.Electronic Arts' next iteration takes the idea to the next level. Need for Speed: Motor City will not only allow you to race online—it will give you a persistent world to do it in. The setting is a bit like a fictional rendition of Detroit, named (appropriately enough) Motor City. The game will offer quick action and single-player career modes, but the centerpiece is Motor City Online, a persistent, server-based online environment where you can meet other players, hang out, and race for cash or pink slips.

The game has not gone beta yet, but it already drips with style. The interface screens are a study in chrome and 50's diner décor, the music a mix of jazz, Grease-era be-bop, and blaring rock and roll. The game is not specifically set in the past, but is meant to be a sort of timeless place where a variety of classic car periods come together. You will find everything from 70's muscle cars to 40's "fat fender" hot rods cruising the streets. Art Director David Bollesen explains that the change in focus has actually made it easier to do research for the game—"you have to talk to Ferrari if you want to see the latest car from Ferrari, but Camaros are everywhere."

You will also be able to purchase cars from other players directly, via the classified section of the "Motor City Gazette," the game's online newspaper. The paper features various sections such as a sports page (race results), headlines (player-generated stories), a mechanic's corner (game tutorials), and the classified section. It is really a bit more like an online auction site than a true classifieds—any player can list a car, parts, and other sundry items for other players to bid on over a set period of time.Gaat dus wel kewl worden!