Bij GameSpot hebben ze een uitgebreide (7 pagina's!!)preview geschreven over NFS5: Porsche Unleashed. Hier een stukkie over de graphics en damage:Even with nearly three months of development time ahead for EA, the build of Porsche Unleashed we played looked astonishing. The game is built around a brand-new 3D engine and is not a rehash of High Stakes. The damage model from High Stakes, however, is included in Unleashed but is now more than just a cosmetic change to your car and actually affects the way the car handles. You'll be able to select from a number of different camera angles, including a dashboard view. Like in High Stakes, the dash is completely three-dimensional, but it looks significantly better in Unleashed. New to the game will be head movements that simulate the way a driver's head moves while in a car. When driving up a hill in the dashboard view, for instance, your head will tilt slightly backwards, giving you a better view of the road ahead of you. This view also lets you see your driver's hands on the steering wheel - he'll even reach down to the shift knob when you shift gears. Volgens GameSpot wordt dit een erg goed spel. Ik (als trouwe NFS fan ) hoop dat ze gelijk hebben! Lees de volledige preview hier.