Avault heeft weer en wat info en wat screens van het spel: Nascar heat. Hasbro Interactive sent the Adrenaline Vault the first screenshots of its upcoming racing game, NASCAR Heat. The product will include 30 of the most recognized NASCAR drivers, including Richard Petty, and the most popular courses in NASCAR Winston Cup racing. NASCAR Heat begins with the opportunity to compete in a single race, but will also offer a championship season mode that will feature races on all included courses. Pumping some added air into NASCAR Heat's tires, Hasbro is also including driver challenges that enable users to interact with the top drivers and experience actual race scenarios. A Race the Pro mode will also be on tap for racing one-on-one laps recorded using real drivers. Expert and normal modes will be included to determine the level of challenge provided. Hasbro will be dropping the green flag on NASCAR Heat for Windows 95 and 98 in October 2000.