De mensen van Sportplanet hebben NASCAR Heat gereviewd. "De beste NASCAR tot nu toe", zeggen ze....nou, dat mag ook wel, toch?You get quite a bit of game in this Hasbro package. There is a single race mode that allows you to choose a track and go through all of the pre-race stages before competing on race day. The Winston Sup Series is also an option and NASCAR Heat includes every track that is in the championship series except Indianapolis and the Poconos. For those of us that have searched the internet for various tracks not included in Sierra's NASCAR Racing series, your work is significantly reduced with NASCAR Heat. You can play something called Beat the Heat, which is a series of challenges that you complete to earn points that accumulate as you accomplish each challenge. You will find yourself in all sorts of game specific situations that test your driving ability. You may have to draft behind a car or maintain your pole position in a race or finish within a certain place at the end of a short race. Racing the Pro is an interesting feature and you test your ability to race faster than a real life driver one on one. The real life driver's car is represented as a ghost car. Klik hier voor het hele artikel.