De demo van Nascar Heat (44 mb) is vandaag uitgekomen, zo meldde Ga-Source. System requirements zijn vrij laag, zeker voor een spel van deze tijd. P-233, 32 mb ram, DirectX 7.0a, en een 3d kaart met Direct3D. Put yourself in a 200 mph traffic jam! Your heart is pounding, sweat drips down your face, and your knuckles hurt from clenching the steering wheel as you come off turn four -- you're experiencing NASCAR HEAT!

Unique Beat The Heat challenges allow the player to experience top NASCAR driver's most thrilling moments through scenarios introduced by the famous drivers themselves. Beating the challenge moves the player deeper into the NASCAR HEAT gaming experience.

Race The Pros allows players to match their skills against the fastest laps that NASCAR drivers were able to record on the track. As players race they will learn how the pros attacked driving the track and will thus learn from the best.