Techweb heeft een verhaal over de nieuwe chip van 3DFX, de Napalm : SAN DIEGO -- 3dfx Interactive said it hopes to generate a buzz at Comdex/Fall '99 next week when it unveils its next-generation graphics technology, code-named "Napalm." But the hype won't be able to hide the fact that the chip won't be available until early 2000, missing the critical Christmas selling season. Napalm, likely to be called "Voodoo4," has twice been delayed, and that may have been a factor in last month's resignation of L. Gregory Ballard, president and CEO. A new CEO has yet to be named. While the costs of integrating STB Systems, acquired in May, will contribute to 3dfx's losing money this year, "Napalm is the main reason for the loss," David Zacarias, chief financial officer and vice president of administration, said at the AEA Classic conference here in San Diego this week. With 14 million transistors, Napalm proved a challenge for back-end place and route. "It was so complex, it was breaking some emulation tools. It took a long time to verify," he said. The company is confident that the chip will be ready in the February-April fiscal quarter, Zacarias said. Demand for the Voodoo3 is quite strong, he said, but the San Jose, Calif.-based company has been forced to cut its price in the face of competition from Nvidia's GeForce chip. Without a hot new product in the Christmas season, 3dfx seems certain to lose some share in the retail market, where it is the leader. Je kunt de rest van het verhaal hier vinden