Het is bekend geworden dat nacht Elven het vijfde ras in Warcraft 3 zullen zijn. Leuk, allemaal mannetjes die eruit zien als de jonge versie van Spock. Het spel krijgt wel meer diepgang doordat de speler met 5 rassen kan spelen. Zeker als je kijkt naar Starcraft wat met 3 rassen al een zeer lange levensduur heeft Early information on the Fifth Race of WarCraft III:

Ents are the labor class that collect resources. They are enchanted beings that represent trees. They can tranform into Treants. Treants can fight. They can root themselves and use their roots to attack things from a range. Like the zerg defenses. Treants can also morph into buildings. According to Rob Pardo and this article, all elves buildings can morph back into treants. So beside fighting, all buildings can be moved like the terrans. Archers are stealthy woman that carry powerful bows capable of a longer range than most of the units in the game. They have a special ability called Shadow Meld. They can blend into their environment and become invisible. This only works when they are still. It appears like a great ambush tactic. Sentinels are elete warriors of the elves. They carry light, strong armor and have an owl companion that they can launch. They can then see through the owls eyes and scout the area. You can guide the bird. Sentinels can also shadow meld. Druid of the Talon is able to transform into a raven. In this form they can fly and regenerate health, but can not cast spells. They can transform back to the druid and cast cyclone. the spell targets an opponenent with flying debris and air for a duration. Dryan have a torso of an elf and the bottom of a faun. They carry spears and javelins in battle. There spears are equipoed with poison. Druid of the Claw can transform to a large bear and attack the enemies with great strength. They cannot cast spells as the bear, but they regenerate health. As the Druid they can cast roar. Everyone in the area of the spell get invulnerability for two seconds. Al bij het lezen loopt het water in m'n mond. Steeds meer info, maar waar blijft de demo?