Na elf maanden werken is dan eindelijk de eerste publieke versie af van Unreal Fortress. Het is geen Mod voor Unreal maar voor Unreal Tournament, beetje ongelukkige naamgeving.

Over die naamgeving had [**ATTF**]RogueSpear een mailtje gestuurd en kreeg hij het volgende antwoord:

Other people have asked for clarification as to on which platform Unreal Fortress runs. Most people asked nicely of course. No-one else has expressed a

problem with the fact that the game runs on Unreal Tournament and Not Unreal.


UnrealFortress Project Leader

It's here, after 11 months of blood sweat and tears, team hassles and engine hassles. We are finally happy to release Unreal Fortress.

It is of course a beta release so a lot of models, skins and code will change with future releases.

The release will be on Friday 10th November at midnight GMT (7pm EST). The ftp servers for download will be posted on our web page and announced on our irc channel which you can connect to on either Gamesnet, Quakenet or EnterTheGame. (channel #unrealfortress).

It should be one hell of a party so we hope to see you there.Nog even wachten tot de tiende en dan kan je hemdownloaden.