Adventure Gamer zou Adventure Gamer niet zijn als ze geen uitgebreid verslag hadden van de eerste Myst conventie ooit. Myst is natuurlijk het spel Myst op de PC, en niet te vergeten de fantastische boekenserie.Day 1 — By Michelle Poutre` - Ehr

Too close to Hanford Nuclear Reservation and the Umatilla Nerve Gas dump for my taste, and yet here we all were. Spokane, Washington. What could possibly induce people to travel here from all over the US and Canada?

What if you threw a party and nobody showed up?

“The” weekend is finally here. The angst and anticipation is about to ruin my stomach for good. Maybe I'm about to find out why no one else has done this before. Why no other loose association of gamers has hosted their own conference. Geez, they all said they'd come. But hey, I've only known these people as cyber-pals for the last couple of years. And after all they'd have to come from all over the country on their own nickel. I really wouldn't blame them for having a 'relative's funeral' come up, to excuse them from attending.

Volgens mij was het erg gezellig daar, zo te zien heeft Myst een community die zich niet hoeft te schamen ten opzichte van de verschillende AD&D conventies.

De rest kan je natuurlijk lezen op Adventure Gamer 1 2 of je was er als echte Myst-fan gewoon bij