Gamecenter heeft een preview van Myst III: Exile. Zoals alle andere delen in de serie beloofd dit deel ook weer veel grafische pracht op je monitor te toveren. Naast de (korte) preview hebben ze ook 10 nieuwe screenshots.The story picks up ten years after the conclusion of Riven: The Sequel to Myst. Atrus and Catherine, the husband and wife whom players rescued in the first two games, are now living quietly in their new home, Tomahna, with a baby daughter named Yeesha. Their hope is to live a life of peace and quiet, but of course this is not to be. A new villain--played by Academy Award nominee Brad Dourif--enters the scene, a man whose homeworld was destroyed by Atrus's sons Sirrus and Achenar and who now seeks revenge. The player must explore five completely new ages and solve all-new puzzles to uncover the truth behind this villain's evil scheme.

Dat beloofd weer veel uurtjes puzzelplezier