Game Revolution heeft een korte preview online gezet van MYST III: Exile. De preview gaat in over de gameplay van eht spel, de art en de engine ervan en ook over de rijke history van het spel.

Helaas moeten wij Nederlanders nog even wachten op het spel , maar waarschijnlijk zal het wel de moeite waard zijn.Speaking of gameplay, MYST III lies somewhere between the earlier games in terms of difficulty. The imaginative puzzles tend to be self-contained, so time isn't wasted running back and forth through a level just to open a door. Likewise, there are no inventory based puzzles - it's just you and your wits. Will they make your brain hurt? I suppose that all depends on your skills, young grasshopper, but the developers have tried to keep in mind that the game isn't designed purely for hardcore gamers. Accessibility has been the hallmark of the series, and that isn't lost here.

To match the visceral treats, MYST III features a fully orchestrated, original soundtrack. Thankfully, the designers remembered that sound can affect gameplay as much as anything and have cut no corners in hiring top notch talent. The emphasis on music is so extensive that gamers can actually tweak the frequency that music crops up during play. Very cool!

The game also features live-action actors to help convey the sense of realism and drama. And again, the emphasis is on quality - Academy Award nominee Brad Douriff (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest) plays the villain.

As questions regarding the continued validity of adventure gaming swirl in and out of developer circles, the folks at Ubi Soft and Presto hope to offer at least one positive answer. MYST III: Exile could very well be the shot in the arm that the industry has been waiting Ages for.

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