Via Voodoo Extreme kwam ik bij een preview terecht van Myst 3. Het is niet echt een grote preview, meer een first look. Er staan wel een hoop screenshots bij en wat artwork.So, Cyan is busy with the remake of Myst, and supposedly an action-strategy hybrid called Mudpie, and Presto Studios are having a go at Myst 3: Exile. The game will play similarly to The Ring or Faust, where one moves from static location to location but has full 360 degree movement at that location. Five new ages are expected in this sequel to Riven, as is an extended storyline which involves a bitter man whose home was destroyed by the evil sons of Atrus, Sirrus and Achenar (who were defeated in Myst), and so comes to take revenge on Atrus and his family. Again, the player will take on the role of explorer trapped in a mysterious age, and must solve puzzles and explore the environments to work against this adversary. What would Artus have done without you?

In het eerste kwartaal van 2001 moet deze game verschijnen voor zowel de PC als Mac.